Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cranial Rectal Disorder

To the employees of McDonald's I would like to say. Pull your head out of your ass. Oh wait let me say it so you can understand. Saque la cabeza de su asno. I am sick and tired of going through the drive through and getting my order just to have to park and go inside. Where I'll ask for the manager. Like this "Is the manager-o here-o? El jefe? Does anybody speak english here? English, el speak-o english?"

Every time I go to McDonald's I have to deal with broken english at the drive up speaker. Then I pull around to pay and the english is worse. When I finally get to the window to pick up my order the fucking english is gone. What I want to know is, when my order is taken and the idiot pushes the button with a picture of what I want on it, does that then get sent to the next idiot in spanish or english? Hell, is the picture in spanish? And if it is sent in spanish how come there's no fucking sausage and cheese on my biscuit? I ordered the fucking la salchicha, galleta de huevo y queso. So where's the fucking salchicha y queso. Pendejo.

Used to be a mother fucker had to speak english to get a job. Not anymore. Because our spoiled little children think they're too good to work, let alone in the fast food industry. So they have to hire every Tomas, Ricardo y Harold that comes through the door. Come on people put your kids back to work, I want a fucking decent meal. Why should ordering my meal be harder than my work. Hold the pickle, hold the lettuce, special orders don't upset us. Well here's a fucking special order. I order you to put someone at the drive through that can speak fucking english.

Back when I was a kid Mickey D's was full of asshole teenagers, but these asshole teenagers could speak english. It was a beautiful thing.

Keep on keeping on or should I say mantenga a mantener en.

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