Thursday, November 15, 2007

It IS All About Me

I don't know who mmmarg is but she is one smart individual. She commented on the post where I offered the Trash Juice. She gets it. It's all about world domination. You see even though I wont be paying for or raising these children, I will maintain a psychic control over them. I will build a super army of white (and probably some half-white) trash soldiers.

Now to the other comments. Yvonne thinks I'm a funny mother fucker. Looks like I got another reader with a high IQ. mmmmarg thinks I'm too cheap, that's part of the secret. Quantity. She also wants to know how I'll keep up with the demand. Baby there's plenty of Trash Juice for everybody. Christina is worried about half siblings meeting and falling love, I call that purification. Khaki wants to know where I was with this offer a few years ago. Well I say it's never too late for multiple children. Jenn says I'm not charging enough. HA, less money, more children and since I'm gonna yank my crank on a daily basis anyway, I might as well do it all over the country. Plus I'm counting on all those women that like a little old fashioned baby makin. Nightmare. That was some funny shit. I enjoy a good insult even when they're aimed at me. Charmed has enough kids plus I couldn't in fair conscience steal her from her husband. I like him. Mo wants me really, really, really bad. Seth, not a problem, my vine only swings in one direction. Kristin, you're right I am a genius. Zelda, I just wanna know how you knew about my love for Long John Silvers. Jammie J, I think there should be a Trash 400,000 running around. Hope I didn't miss anybody and I also want to thank all those that stopped by and wished me a recovery. It's Charmed's #2 sons birthday send him some love. Do it now dammit.

New Subject

My wife says I'm an ego-maniac and that I'm narcissistic. Actual she doesn't use those words, I just wanted to let y'all know how smart I am. What she says is that I really like to talk about myself. I just don't see it. I talk about other things. For Instance I just very recently wrote a post about my son T3. I know I've written about other things also. For instance I'VE given MY opinion on many subjects.

Sometimes she reads my stuff and sometimes she avoids the anger (hers not mine). It seems sometimes she doesn't like what I write. I'm cool with that. I'm gonna write it anyway. Cause around here it's MY way or the highway. That's right there's two ways to do things around here. My way and the right way and they're both the same. She knows who the MAN is around here. But she doesn't know all there is to know about the MAN. Nobody does, not even my momma knows who the Trashman really is (and lets keep it that way). But I figure I could let my readers know a little about me, it's not that I'm really into myself or anything. It's just that I'm funny and entertaining and charming and real fuckin pretty too. I mean what more could y'all ask for? So this time in the comments tell me how y'all really feel about me. I know I would if I weren't so humble.

Anonymous #2. Keep on keeping on.

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