Sunday, November 25, 2007

NaBloPoMo Number 25: The Almost There Post

I got out of bed today at 10:30am. Convinced Jen to make me an omelet. After that I settled in to watch some football. The day progressed like this. Football, nap, football, nap, football, nap, lunch, nap, surf internet, football, nap, put together my new toolbox (just need tools to put in it), nap, dinner, football, surf internet, nap, football, nap, football. Now I'm talking to y'all. I've just had four days off work and now I'll have to work extra hours all week to try to get back on schedule (which will never happen, but I really don't give a fuck). Ah the joys of self-employment.

I no longer have the flu like symptoms. I guess it was all that napping. I do however have one hell of a toothache. My lower left canine has to go. Ah the joys of past cocaine and meth use. Anybody know how to carve dentures or do a self filling on a cavity. Dentist wants too much to fill it, hell he wants too much to pull it. But pulling is cheaper than filling. Plus I figure the more teeth I lose the trashier I look, or I can always pass myself off as an ex hockey player.

Keep on keeping on.


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