Monday, November 05, 2007

Easy Money?

OK I was screaming for more comments and some of y'all suggested that I write more stories from my past. Here you go.

I was driving one of the "escorts" around one night form call to call, when some pervert called in looking for a dominatrix. We didn't have one so I asked Suzy if she could do it. She was half Thai, half white with long dark hair and looked like a real bitch. She only took a little convincing. She finally agreed once she found out she was probably going to get to hit the dude.

We got the address and headed for the house. Once we got there she was starting to back out but I wasn't leaving without the money. Trying to back out is not unusual for these girls. They try it on most calls. You have to usually talk them into it and psych them up a little bit. Each girl is different. You just have to figure out what makes them tick. We had one you had to tell her how pretty she was (repeatedly). I had a couple you had to yell at. With Suzy it was easy. The words "You need to feed your baby" usually did the trick. But it wasn't working this time.

Suzy: "I can't do this."
Trash: "Sure you can."
Suzy: "I can't hit anyone."
Trash: "You need to feed your baby."
Suzy: "Not that bad I don't."
Trash: "Well I need to feed mine. So get your ass in there."
Suzy: "I can't. I can't be a bitch."
Trash: "Listen you got the look. All you need is the attitude."
Suzy: "Ho do I get the attitude?"
Trash: "You know that mother fucker in prison that you keep sending money to? Your baby's daddy."
Suzy: "He ain't no mother fucker."
Trash: "Every time he gets new shoes from you or money on his books, he's telling all them other mother fuckers, that he's got a ho back on the block supporting his ass."
Suzy: "No he ain't."
Trash: "Yes he is. And he shows them your picture and tells all about how you suck a great dick and about the one time you let him fuck you in the ass."
Suzy: "How'd you know about that?"
Trash: "He must of told me too."
Trash: "Good. Now take all that anger, go inside and beat this piece of shit."
Suzy: "Time to feed my baby."

Suzy got out of the car, marched up the steps and banged on the door. When the guy opened up, she put her hand on his chest and shoved him back in. His eyes lit up like Christmas bulbs. I settled back in my seat, checked my watch and lit up a cigarette. No less than 15 minutes later she comes running out of the house and jumps in the car.

Suzy: "Get me the fuck out of here.
Trash: "You didn't rob him did you?"
Suzy: "No."
Trash: "Kill him?"
Suzy: "No."
Trash: "Is he laying in there dying?"
Suzy: "NO."
Trash: "Then what's the fucking problem?"
Suzy: "He's a fucking weirdo."
Trash: "No shit. That's why he likes to be spanked."
Suzy: "You just don't get it."
Trash: "Then splain it to me Lucy."
Suzy: "My name is Suzy not Lucy."
Trash: "Old TV show. You're too young. Just tell me what the problem is."
Suzy: "Everything started out fine. I slapped him a couple of times. Called him a few names. Made him get on his knees and spanked his ass with a belt. Evey thing was cool. Then he pulls out a gym bag and reaches in it and comes out with a ping pong paddle with nails stuck though it."
Trash: "What the fuck?"
Suzy: "There's more. He had surgical tube with sewing needles stuck through it. He had a belt with staples all over it. I told him I was done before he pulled anything else out. He started screaming he wanted his money back."
Trash: "You still got the money, right?"
Suzy: "Fuck yeah. Anyway I offered to blow him, fuck him, what ever he wanted I just wasn't hitting him with any of that shit."
Trash: "And?"
Suzy: "And he said he didn't want sex. He just wanted his ass kicked for an hour."
Trash: "Go back in."
Suzy: "No fucking way."
Trash: "Listen. Go back in and tell him for an extra $500 your driver will kick the living shit out of him for an hour."
Suzy: "You're kidding."
Trash: "I'm fucking serious. You can be MY driver. I'll even give you the driving fee."
Suzy: "I'll be right back."

Suzy got out of the car and walked back up the sidewalk. She knocked on the door and the guy let her back in. She was in there for about three minutes and she came out and walked back to the car. She just stood there looking at me. Finally I said "Well?" and she held up $750 dollars and she says "He wants an hour and a half."

I kicked his ass.

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