Monday, November 26, 2007

NaBloPoMo Number 26: The WooHoo Post

I had another long hard day at work. I came home covered in drywall mud and exhausted. Jen was in a great mood, so I showered and took advantage of her mood and her. Now Trashman happy man. Don't tell her I told you. I rocked her world. I buttered her muffin. I plowed her field. I checked her oil. I flipped her pancakes. I curled her toes (in the wrong direction). I stuffed her turkey. I fried her eggs. I ran her train off the tracks. I dropped a rod and blew her engine. I stormed her beaches. I popped her top. There's nothing like barnyard sex. I cowboy'd up and stayed on for the full 8 seconds.

Keep on keeping on.

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