Saturday, November 17, 2007

Off With My Head

Nightmare has an interesting post up about the Confederate flag. While I regularly read him and usually agree with him. This is the second time I don't. Go read his post. In it he describes people that fly the rebel flag as uneducated, ignorant, racist, traitors. My problem is not with that, see as an American citizen he is entitled to his opinion. My problem is with the word treason. He says it is treason to fly the rebel flag. I say that's incorrect. It's freedom of speech. He refers to people that fly the rebel flag as "those fucking slack assed southern cocksuckers". HMMMM I don't remember sucking any cock, nope no nasty taste in my mouth. I don't fly the flag per say but I do own several different items with the flag represented on them.

My question is why can't I have some Southern Pride. Is it not OK for people of color to have Black Pride? Or Hispanics and their Latin Pride? I'm from the South and I'm proud of it. I would pick living in the South over living in the North any day. Does that make me racist? I think not. I've already admitted to being a bigot (definition: a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices). Doesn't have a thing to do with skin color.

First things first. The Civil War was more about states rights. Yeah I know the right to own slaves was their biggest gripe, but mostly they didn't want the federal government dictating to them how to handle their business. Much like most people of this day and age. Secondly, this country was started by a bunch of traitors. Our founding fathers committed treason the minute they spoke out against English rule. Anytime a group wants to change the way government is run it is by definition, treason. Thirdly not all southerners were "slave mongers" as Nightmare so eloquently put it. I guess if you stand up against the system to fight for something you truly believe in no matter how fucked up it is, then you're a traitor. There's lots of things I stand up for that other people don't agree with. Other Americans no less. I guess they better get a rope and hang my no good ass.

One question I have is, since flying the Rebel flag is treasonous does that mean that on Puerto Rican day in NYC when everybody is waving Puerto Rican flags they're being treasonous also. Or how about Cinco de Mayo and the Mexican flag, is that treasonous? What about all the reservations and the Native Americans with their flags. Treason? When Reebok sneakers had the Union Jack on them was it treason to wear them? When Danielsan wore the Rising Sun on his bandanna in honor of Mr. Miyagi was that also treason. I assume that any flag other than the American flag with a state flag under it is treason. If that's the case this country is full of fucking traitors.

Keep On Keeping On.

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