Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pure Greed

I only have one thing to say. Fuck the NFL. That's right , fuck'em with a big fuckin pole. Tomorrow night the great and mighty Cowboys will be playing the lowly Packers in what will probably be one of the best games in years. Both teams have a 10 and 1 record. The experts say the winner of tomorrows game will more than likely be the team that faces the sissy ass cheating Patriots in the Super Bowl.

I wont get to watch the game. In fact most of the country wont get to see it. The only people that will get to see it live in Dallas, Green Bay or own a satellite system. Seems that the NFL shows 8 games a year on the NFL Network. Eventually all games will be on the NFL Network. Simple solution just get the NFL Network through your cable provider you say? Not so simple I say. Cable companies don't carry the NFL Network. Why you ask? Because the NFL Network refuses to be lumped in with the other sports channels. They want their own tier on the cable line up. Why is that, oh great one? You ponder. Because they believe that people will order the sports tier just because the NFL Network is on it, therefore they will have to split the subscription money with the baseball channel and the basketball channel and the hockey channel and any other sports channel on the tier. They believe since people are ordering the sports tier just for the NFL Network then they should get all the money for it.

Don't get me wrong I'm a firm believer in the free enterprise system but I'm also a big believer in not raping the American public (that's why you read this blog for free). There was a time when you could watch pro football for free. But I guess there was a time when guys played for the love of the game. Now it's all about getting paid. The NFL could survive just fine with the way things are going now. Sure the players want more money but the teams could get together and refuse to pay any one player more than a set amount. Eventually the guys that could have played pro would get tired of riding the back of a trash truck and make a reasonable deal. I don't know if that would fix the current situation but it would give the NFL one less excuse for sticking it to us. So maybe if we all banded together and refused to buy the NFL tier from the cable companies (that's if those two ever agree to a deal) then the NFL would have to back down.

I know it's all a pipe dream. Sooner or later the NFL and the cable giants will come to an agreement on our daily rape and molestation. We'll all buy the tier and eventually get used to paying extra for football and tell our grandchildren about how football used to be a game you could watch for free but big business ruined it for everyone and that's why robots play it. We'll tell them about umpires and yellow flags and the coaches challenge and play revues and all the things that make you sit on the edge of your seat and the adrenaline waiting for the ref to make his decision. We'll tell them about loving some players and hating others and rooting for your favorite team. We'll tell them about the greed of the NFL and how it ruined the game and how another piece of America was killed off by big business. Then we'll tune in for a Sunday afternoon of robo-ball.

So fuck the NFL.

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Joe said...

The real answer is to not watch it on pay tv at all. I've found plenty to do on Sunday afternoons when the Raiders are blacked out, which is most of the time.
It is shitty that such a marquee matchup is not available to the vast majority of the country so the NFL can ramrod a deal down the cable industry's throat. A pox on all their houses.