Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tuesday Night Lights

This post is number 6 in a series of 30. It's also about my namesake Trash Jr. Tonight was the last football game of the season. His team finished up with a record of 7 wins and 2 loses. I'm really gonna miss watching him play. It's the end of his middle school football carrier.

At the age of 13 he stands 5'9" and weighs 220 and he hits like a freight train (I know this from experience). He was usually the biggest kid on the field. He was always double teamed and sometimes triple teamed. Unfuckingstoppable is the best word to describe him on the field.

Trash Jr plays right defensive tackle. His main job is to open up holes for the rovers and linebackers so that they can get into the backfield. Even though the position is called tackle, they don't tackle very often unless the ball carrier comes straight up the middle. Which in 8th grade football doesn't happen very often.

His one goal this year was to get one sack on the quarterback. He sets his sights high, I told him it's most likely not to happen considering the nature of his position and the fact in middle school it's mostly a running game. So by the time he gets into the backfield the ball would be gone. He almost accomplished that goal tonight.

One of the last plays was a passing play, just as Trash Jr got to the quarterback, he threw the ball. Jr did just what he was supposed to do. He made the quarterback sorry he was ever born. He drove him into the ground and slid for about 5 yards. It was beautiful. Jr's team won 32 to 0. Once again it was beautiful. I love watching that kid play. It's like watching a locomotive dance.

Trash Jr had 12 tackles, 30 assist, and at least 2 hits on the quarterback for the season. His stats should have been at least twice that but the defensive coordinator is racist. The mexican coach put a mexican kid from his mexican language class in Jr's spot most of the time. The mexican kid is half Jr's size and spent most of the time knocked on his ass. I know I sound biased and bitter, but I never complained except to Jen and the boy. I didn't rock the boat, mainly because Jr didn't want any problems with the coaches.

He starts high school next year. New coaches. This season is over and I've got a coach in my sights.

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Keep on keeping on.

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