Thursday, November 29, 2007

NaBloPoMo Number 29: The Only One More Fucking Post Post

I managed to see tonight's game. My business partner has a satellite system so he has the NFL network. Cowboys won. That's good and bad, they also covered the point spread. I bet on the Packers and took the points. By betting against Dallas I guaranteed their victory. Plus I didn't figure they could cover the points. Three things cost Green Bay the game. Favre got hurt, a bad pass interference call and the fact that Al Harris couldn't keep his hands off of other peoples face mask. I wanted Dallas to win, but I wanted to keep my money to. I guess I could keep my money, I just have to tell Trash Jr good luck on collecting. Would that be teaching him wrong? I could always tell him I'm teaching him a lesson by not paying him. Betting is wrong and illegal therefore I'm not going to pay you. That would be some funny shit. I know this post leaves a lot to be desired, but it's a post dammit. So pour yourself a big glass of shut the fuck up and deal with it. I'm taking tomorrow off to write you a special post for my very last NaBloPoMo post that and it's been cold enough out at the lake it's going to take 2 days for the drywall mud to dry. So I gots nothing else to do. Until tomorrow.

Keep on keeping on.

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Janet said...

I watched it on my computer. Well, the first half anyway.

The only problem with that was that there was commentary and story shit DURING actual play time! Then they'd just show a replay of the play!

Drove me up the fucking wall.